Tips For Sellers In Today’s Market

Tips For Seller’s:  Getting The Most Money For Your Home

Currently Seattle  is experiencing a true a seller’s market and it is expected to continue.  Recently, any listing that is in city limits and is in good shape has sold quickly and often with multiple offers.

If  your home is located in a desirable neighborhood, move in ready and priced correctly, you may receive multiple offers, especially if it is under $800K as this market is really hot.

Given these market conditions, some will say “just put it on, it will sell in this market”.  However, I totally disagree.  If you want the highest dollar amount for your home, act like it.

Preparing your home for sale could easily put tens of thousands in additional dollars in your pocket!

  • Pricing it right.  If you live in a desirable neighborhood, find out what the current market value is.  Overpricing in today’s market is the kiss of death.  Buyers are looking at homes WHEN they come on.  If you don’t receive offers within the first 7 – 10 days it will essentially be forgotten about.  It’s argued that it is better to list it on the low end as the market will bring what it is truly worth.  Listing it high is a serious gamble.  Want to know what your home is really worth?  Call me!
  • Get the yard cleaned up.  Have the yard edged and mowed.  Mulch any plant beds and plant new, blooming plants to fill in spaces if it looks a bit empty.  You can hire a professional to get this done relatively cheap or you can do it yourself.  It makes a HUGE difference.  Curb appeal is important, as the first impression is the only impression.
  • Touch up paint on walls and trim/baseboards.  If the walls have not been painted in recent memory, get them painted.  A fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference.  If you have a room that was painted with a flashy or super bold color, tone it down.  In general, the more vanilla, the more buyers it will appeal to.
  • Get all the clutter out.  If you need to rent a storage unit, do it.  You are going to want to get rid of any trinkets, personal photos, excess furniture, clutter in the garage, etc.  Basically get rid of everything except the furniture, accessories and art work that you need to define spaces in the house.  In general, less is better.  It needs to look open and clean.  The garage should be free of anything besides paint that was used for the house.
  • If your house is vacant, STAGE IT.  This make a HUGE difference, especially with the listings on-line presence.
  • Half empty closets.  Keep your nicest clothes for display and send everything else to storage.
  • Lighten it up.  Get the windows washed, inside and out, just before the photos are taken.  You will not believe what a difference this makes.  It is truly astonishing how much extra light this will provide!  Remove any heavy drapes/window coverings.  Light is something every buyer will be looking for.
  • Make it sparkle.  Have it professionally cleaned right before it goes on unless you have the time to clean it yourself.  For an average sized home, a professional cleaning will run you between $100 – $150.  By the time it is ready to go on, you are going to be ready to get out of the house and take a break.  Meet friends for a leisurely lunch or happy hour.  Then, you can come back to a sparkly clean house.  LOVE that.
  • Keep it IMPECCABLE while it is on and being shown.  If you have pets, remove them for showings and hide the food/water bowls if possible.
  • No selfies.  I only work with professional photographers that specialize in real estate photography.  If you see a listing on-line with photos taken with a cell phone, it’s time for a discussion.  Have a professional video shot if it makes sense, video can be a great marketing addition as it adds an emotional connection.
  • Don’t spend money on items that you wont be getting a return on your investment.  Talk to me before you go spend that hard earned cash, we will make sure it is spent where you will get “the most bang for your buck”.

Remember, don’t panic!  I am here to make this experience an enjoyable one.  Call me if you are overwhelmed or stressed, we’ll get you on the right track.  The following is a client testimonial video highlighting the importance of the above recommendations for getting your house ready to list.